Background on the Immigration Situation

Do you know what’s actually going on with the immigration crisis? Who are the people coming here and where are they coming from? Are they really “refugees”? “asylum seekers”? What is MS-13 and what are its origins? What’s the truth about  the children being held in detention centers around the country? Was the policy actually started under President Clinton, President Obama, or President Trump? What’s the answer to the question: Why would someone come here if they know their child will be taken away from them?

Take 25 minutes and listen to this podcast produced by the New York Times and you will be much more informed about the real nature of the crisis and its root causes.

The first 12 minutes explain the background of what’s going on. The rest will give you an understanding of the desperation of the people undertaking a perilous journey over a thousand miles in the hopes of reaching America: They have “measured the contours of [their] desperation” and they have come to the conclusion that whatever may happen in the US, it’s better than what is happening in their home country.

Can you imagine taking such a perilous journey? Did anyone in your family flee a desperate situation to come to America? After you’ve listened, let me know what you think.

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