The Mrs. (Maisel) is a Miss

Mrs. Maisel is back with season two. More praise for this season. But not all of us think she’s a hit. Some of us still think the show’s a miss. Apparently even the New Yorker has soured on her sweetness. And some of us are sick to death of women being sold more unattainable expectations in the form of “harmless fantasy.”

Here’s what I said a year ago: Marvelous or Misguided?


    1. I have so many friends that really like it too. But what about the fact that they make it impossibly easy for her to raise her children and actually do the things that normal people have to do? That makes those of us who have to struggle and sacrifice feel like we’re not living up to expectations. That’s the part that really rankles me.

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      1. Gotcha. I agree. Her kids strike me as a writer’s convenience–there when they’re useful, offstage when they’re not. And it helps that her family has enough money that she can take a low-paying job (I don’t care how fancy the store is, retail work never paid well) and live on it comfortably.

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