A Man Above the Law

You can add Attorney General Bill Barr to the list of people happily enabling Trump’s demagogic tendencies. After blatantly mischaracterizing the results of the Mueller investigation, Barr’s most recent move has been to intervene in the sentencing of Trump loyalist, convicted liar, and self-proclaimed dirty trickster, Roger Stone. Barr’s interference has officially ended any pretense that American justice in the Trump era is fair and impartial, or that our criminal justice system is immune from political influence. This move has dramatically undercut one of the foundational tenets of the American system.

Every time Trump behaves in a way that flouts the law or regulations, or ignores advice or democratic tradition there’s much hand-wringing. Everywhere you hear people lamenting that “Trump thinks he’s above the law!”

But allow me to be your reality check: Trump IS above the law.

He repeatedly breaks the law, behaves in ways that even his allies admit is wrong, illegal, unconstitutional, or immoral and there are simply no legal consequences. Ever.

We had the chance to administer legal consequence. We opted not to do so.

We heard excuses and promises to rein him in. And meaningless predictions that he will “learn his lesson” even though there has never, ever been the slightest shred of evidence — ever — that he will learn his lesson or that his impulses can be reined in.

When a person acts illegally and there are no consequences, then that person is above the law. And that’s just a fact.

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