A Country’s Greatest National Asset

What do you say to people who tell you that universal health care doesn’t work? What do you say when people tell you that private insurance and for-profit health care is the best alternative?

What do you say when they argue that systems like Britain’s NHS (National Health Service) or Canada’s public system are inefficient, unsustainable, produce substandard results, and that people hate it?

What do you say? You say this:

Britain’s Prime Minister thanks the NHS for saving his life, calling it his country’s “greatest national asset.”

If anything positive can come of this terrible COVID pandemic, let it be that the United States has finally learned that universal health care works. Every person deserves health care. Universal coverage is the only morally acceptable solution.


  1. As an American living in Britain, I can testify that the true national religion of the country is the NHS. People love it and are absolutely horrified by the idea of medicine being a business. It has its problems (and Boris Johnson’s one of them), but it’s still a national treasure. People around the country are going to the door or window every Thursday and clapping for it, and for its staff.

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    1. And the US is filled with stories about how terrible it is: how people have to wait months or years for surgeries, people dying unattended on stretchers in hospital corridors, and how you’re all hopping on planes to come here for care whenever you get sick. Sadly, a lot of people believe that BS. Which is one of the reasons we can’t make any progress on getting universal health care. That’s why I was so grateful to hear Mr. Johnson say what he said (in spite of everything else).


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