File Under “Hypocrisy”: Guns Are Scary

On Wednesday, the Michigan state legislature cancelled sessions until next week. Why? Because guns are scary. Specifically, guns wielded by angry protesters. And that’s exactly what showed up at Michigan’s capitol building on Thursday. Dozens of conservative protesters descended on the state capitol to protest the governor’s stay-at-home order.

Not surprisingly, the majority of Michigan’s legislators didn’t want to be in the way of the protesters who were exercising their freedoms. Another word for in “the way” is “crosshairs.”

To be fair, some of the protesters only carried signs (and those were innocent enough, like the ones showing the governor with a Hitler mustache), but others carried weapons. Phil Robinson, for example — he’s a member of the Michigan Liberty Militia. He carried an assault rifle and wore full armor. Which to anybody with a brain is a clear sign that he was just there to exercise his right to petition his government.

Michiganders Protest Stay-at-Home Order (The Guardian)

I should point out that both the Michigan state Senate and the House of Representatives are controlled by Republicans. And I don’t need to remind you that Republicans in these here United States fully support an individual’s right to bear arms. It’s a unassailable belief of the Republican Party that there should not be any restrictions whatsoever on Americans’ right to carry their guns whenever and wherever the urge strikes them. That includes into grocery stores, theaters, churches, schools, or when out for an afternoon stroll. And if you feel threatened or unsafe in any way by said exercise of one’s God-given freedom, or just want to avoid your child being shot as they go about their business of being an innocent kid, you are clearly a snowflake.

Those people who are absolutely not snowflakes in any way, shape, or form show their support of the Sacred Second by cancelling the legislative session and staying home. But I’m sure that they are only practicing social-distancing, not hiding in fear.

In a completely unrelated story, on Monday a commission voted unanimously to study whether Michigan should bar firearms from the state capitol. Earlier that day, the state Attorney General issued a formal opinion saying that the commission had the authority to prohibit firearms in the capitol without the need for a vote from the legislature. I’m guessing that if they voted, though, they’d vote Yea.


  1. It might be nice if they’d bar them from a few other workplaces as well.

    The British parliament still has little ribbons in the cloakrooms where its members were expected to hang their swords. That was so they wouldn’t bring them into a debate. And use them.

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    1. I think it would be really nice if they’d bar them from a few other places, too! They can start with the “essential” places (since we all have an idea of what those are now). I can choose to avoid the others. The point is, it would be nice if I had a choice in any of this.

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