File Under “Dishonesty”: Presidential Love

Last week we learned that world leaders all think that Donald Trump is doing a great job handling this pandemic. “I spoke with Angela Merkel today, I spoke with Prime Minister Abe of Japan; I spoke with many of the leaders over the last four or five days. And so many of them, almost all of them — I would say all of them, not everyone would want to admit it — but they all view us as the world leader, and they’re following us.” That was a bit of a surprise to a lot of people, including the world leaders themselves. Because they don’t actually think that.

It isn’t just world leaders who love him. This week we learned that truckers also love Donald Trump. On Friday, during a press event in the Rose Garden, the sound of air horns could be heard in the distance. “[Y]ou hear that outside, that beautiful sound? Those are truckers that are with us all the way.” They love their president. They love him so much that they all got in their trucks and drove to the White House to honk their horns to “protest” their support for him. (Yes, he actually said “They’re protesting in favor of President Trump as opposed to against.”) Except that they didn’t. They actually got in their trucks, drove to Washington DC, and honked their horns to protest against him. A “distress call, as one of them put it.”

No Caption Needed

For three and a half years — literally from the first day he parked himself behind the desk in the Oval Office and declared that the crowds at his inauguration were the biggest in history, to his statements (and banners) declaring that the US leads the world in testing for COVID-19 — virtually everything that has come out of his mouth, his tweeting fingers, and his paid mouthpieces has been a lie.

His lies are so frequent, so egregious, and so very easily disproved, why anyone would continue to listen to him is beyond my ability to comprehend.

Honestly, the predictive text on my phone is more likely to be accurate than the goddamn President of the United States. A bunch of monkeys banging away on typewriters would produce more truth than Donald J. Trump. Nothing he says can be relied on. Nothing. Nothing. Under the best of circumstances that’s not a great feeling. In the midst of the most serious health crisis since the Bubonic Plague, it’s downright terrifying.

If you choose to believe anything that man says at this point, you are just being willfully misinformed. If you choose to listen to his advice on how to stay safe and healthy during a global pandemic, well, let’s be honest: you get what you deserve.

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