File Under “The More Things Change”: Weird Sh*t

Yesterday, President Trump gave what was generously described as a “bizarre” one-minute press briefing in which he refused to answer any question from the press.

The hastily-called event was his first since the election and one of the few times he has appeared in public since then, preferring to conduct the majority of his temper-tantrum via tweet. He congratulated himself (aka “everybody”) on the fact that the Dow Jones Industrial Average reached 30,000 (a “sacred number”) and seeming to take credit for recent positive developments on the Covid vaccine front. He then turned and walked away.

It did not go unnoticed that he had felt compelled break his silence in order to take credit for the stock market’s performance in spite of (or perhaps because of) the fact that most people credited Biden’s election and the stability brought about by the transition for the rise in the market’s value. (Also, ironically, Trump promised in October that if Biden were to win the election the market would crash. And now he’s taking credit for it’s record-breaking performance. Such a financial genius.)

After Trump departed the stage, reporters could be heard commenting on the very Trumpian event: “What the actual fuck?” said one. Another opined: “Well, that was weird as shit”.

“Weird shit.” There could not be a more fitting epitaph to this administration given that George W. Bush was quoted as having described Trump’s inaugural speech as “some weird shit.” Proving once again that the more things change, the more they stay the same.

Weird shit at the beginning. Weird shit at the end. And a whole lotta weird shit in between. One thing you always like to see in a presidential administration is consistency.

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