Progressives: From Grief to Action

I think half of America is currently experiencing one of the five stages of grief right now.

The first, DENIAL: You can be sure a lot of Americans went to bed on the night of November 8th certain that by the time they woke up Wednesday morning, everything would be sorted out and Donald Trump would NOT be our president-elect. No way, no how.Continue reading “Progressives: From Grief to Action”

The Stink of Racism

“I’m not a racist.” I keep hearing that.

I’m not a racist. I voted for Trump because of the Supreme Court, or because he is against abortions. Or because he’s an outsider, because he promised to drain the swamp, bring back our jobs, shake things up, make us great again. I voted for him because Hillary is corrupt, evil, not nice, married to Bill. Benghazi. Emails. Killary. But I’m not a racist.Continue reading “The Stink of Racism”

To the [Too Many] Women Who Voted For Trump: You Broke My Heart

The thing that breaks my heart the most is the women. It’s like a punch in the gut that 42% of women voted for that man. That includes a whopping 53% of white women; Continue reading “To the [Too Many] Women Who Voted For Trump: You Broke My Heart”

We All Created this Monster

In an interview with Brian Williams on MSNBC on October 10th, author and advocate Tavis Smiley made clear that he had no patience for talking heads complaining about Donald Trump’s reprehensible behavior, lamenting the sorry state of the presidential campaign, Continue reading “We All Created this Monster”

Winners and Losers in Last Night’s Debate

I woke up this morning with a massive debate hangover. So for a little tail of the dog I compiled this list of winners and losers in the second Presidential Debate.



  • The American People
  • Democracy
  • My dignity
  • Hillary Clinton’s dignity
  • Civilized discourse
  • Meaningful policy analysis
  • Every person who believes America is, was, or could be a great nation


Trump on the issues

After careful examination of the transcripts from last night’s Presidential debate, I have distilled Donald Trump’s plans for dealing with America’s most pressing problems.They are:

  1. I know you are but what am I?
  2. Did not did not.
  3. I’m rubber and you’re glue.
  4. Neener neener.
  5. Mommy! She’s being mean to me!

Lord help us.

Enough with the 3rd party threats

Hey, all you whiners out there who are going to vote for the third-party candidate because you have too much integrity to vote for Crooked Hillary, let me ask you something. Continue reading “Enough with the 3rd party threats”

Now is not the time to start complaining

I get it. You don’t like either candidate. And I completely agree: both candidates are deeply flawed. (Notice, I did not say “equally flawed” because one is unquestionably exponentially more flawed than the other). But they are your only choices. And no, Gary Johnson is not going to be our next president. The 2016 election season has given us all some serious heartburn.

But with 45 days left until the Presidential election, now is not the time to start complaining. You can’t pull your head out of the sand once every four years and bark phrases like “I detest our two-party system!” and “Get rid of the electoral college!” and “Caucuses are outdated!” and expect anything to change.

You don’t need to run for office or join a campaign to get involved (although, if that’s your thing, go for it). Here are some things you can do without even moving from your couch or taking your fingers off your keyboard.

One: Be a savvy consumer of media. And hold the media accountable. Stop watching news sources that don’t inform, only incite. And steer clear of those that dumb things down so much that they are meaningless.

Two: Demand facts. And use facts. We must pull ourselves out of our stupor and realize that truth matters. Facts are not subjective. Learn to recognize the difference between fact and opinion. And don’t accept untruthful statements. Don’t share things on social media that you haven’t made some attempt to verify first. It’s not difficult. Google is your friend. And it knows more than you, and it’s willing to share. You just have to ask.

Third: Pay attention to elections. And not just the big one. You must start paying attention to who is running for office at the state and local levels, and during the primaries. Yes, that matters. Because the presidential candidates are the cream that has risen to the top. Yes, this is the cream. Actually now that I think about it, scum rises to the top too. And our pool of candidates is a result of decades of lack of attention. Do some research on the candidates at the primary elections. Don’t vote for candidates that don’t represent your values.  Presidential candidates are almost always previously Governors, Senators or Congresspeople. It’s rare that a candidate has no political experience at all in elected office. (And that’s a good thing.)

If you can do those three things, that would be a brilliant start. There are other important things, too. And maybe once we’ve all recovered from the horror of the 2016 election, we can talk about them. But for now, I need  a rest.

The internet is full of facts

The most ironic thing about all the misinformation that is passed around on social media is the fact that the very technology that allows you to share ideas at the touch of a button also allows you to access virtually all the information known to mankind.Continue reading “The internet is full of facts”