Seven Uplifting Classical Pieces

Classical music is usually described as calming, soothing, and relaxing. But it can actually be energetic and uplifting too. Here are a few pieces to accompany you on a hectic day or help lift you out of a gray mood.Continue reading “Seven Uplifting Classical Pieces”

A Hopeful Playlist

There’s so much crap going on in life and in the world right now. Sometimes it can feel overwhelming. Sometimes you can feel hopeless. But don’t give in to the despair. There is always hope. As hard as it is to believe, everything — no matter how permanent it may seem — is temporary. There’s always tomorrow; and where there is tomorrow, there is hope.

“These times are hard.
But they will pass.
They WILL pass.”


Here’s a playlist with some songs that fill me with hope and optimism.Continue reading “A Hopeful Playlist”

A “Staircase Playlist” For Tough Times

This year has been rough.

Every single day something happens that makes me angry, sad, frustrated or despondent. And with the recent celebrity tragedies in the news, the issue of depression has been on my mind a lot. What’s the difference between being sad and being depressed? According to mental health professionals, an episode of sadness that lasts over two weeks is considered depression. Well, this has been going on for about a year and a half, so what does that mean?

I was reminded today that we each have our ways of coping with difficult situations, and like many people, music helps me cope. One way I dig my way out of a dark mood is to find a song that hits just the right resonance for me: maybe it’s something in a minor key or maybe it’s one with a slow, angry tempo; I look for something that vibrates at the same frequency as my state of mind. I play it a few times and wallow in the mood, and then I find songs that gradually, gently move into a more positive perspective. I think of it as a staircase that I use to climb, step-by-step, out of my emotional basement.

Here’s a staircase playlist for a Trump-era day like today.Continue reading “A “Staircase Playlist” For Tough Times”